Hi there!

I’m aubrey.

I create marketing strategies around content for eCommerce companies that do cool things to help people.

My story isn’t unique. Here it is in 3 sentences:

I grew up in a small town outside of Flint, MI (yes with the water), graduated from a Michigan State University, and moved to California to find myself. (hi aub.)

I went back to school to be certified as an herbalist while I learned how to market at my full time job in the Bay Area.

Then decided to move to Europe for love. 

In a nutshell: Herban Flow is a combination of marketing and herbalism – with a little love thrown in there for good measure.

On the outside, my life seems random.

But what it really is, is one, long optimization test.

Throughout all of the movement a few things have stayed constant:

1 – I will never stop questioning.
2 – I am not subtle about my opinion.
3 – I do not fear change.
4 – I love to help people.

And these make me awesome at what I do.

Which, by the way, you can learn more about by clicking here.


Ps. Don’t forget to thank the Earth today