About Me

Hi there!

Let me formally introduce myself—I’m aubrey.

And here’s my story:

I grew up outside of Flint, Michigan where I graduated high school with a class of less than 300. My father was a police officer, my mother a Master’s degree psychologist.

I went to college at Michigan State University where I finished with independent degrees in Criminal Justice and in Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Science, focusing on Advocacy and Sociology (specifically focused on at-risk youth). I ran an organic teahouse (Wanderer’s) for a couple of years and got my start in herbal curiosity.

After I graduated, I moved to California on a whim, with nothing but a bit of savings from Wanderer’s, a job interview, a dog, and an awesome best friend—there I found myself co-founding a blog (Ravishly.com).

I decided (on another whim) to go to Ohlone Herbal School, where I graduated after 2 years of night school, as a Certified Clinical Herbalist. I worked with autistic children, and then as a customer support agent and supervisor for a startup.

That startup was herbal skin care company, Annmarie Skin Care. I moved from supervisor of the customer happiness and blog writer to the Editorial Coordinator—and that’s where the magic happened.

My background of studying and working with different types of people helped me recognize what makes people tick. Coupled with that same “move-on-a-whim/comfortable-with-risk” attitude that got me to California and the organizational skills that come with pursuing two simultaneous college degrees, a marketer was born.

With my organization and focus, we saw increases of 10% of total revenue in email marketing alone along with streamlined processes for asset control, social media, affiliate collaborations, and calendar management.

No, I don’t have the formal training of a marketer. That’s what makes me stand out. I understand people, I know how to talk to the worried grandmother, the stressed college student, and the busy mom.

Reaching people is my passion—and although I took a circuitous route to get here, I made it by following the things that make me feel passionate.

If you need help with your health and wellness blog, email marketing for your natural ecommerce site, or a consultation for your strategy, check out my services page here.

You’ll also find that I offer health consultations and medicinal gardening advice—I’ve picked up a few skills on my journey to digital community creation.

Click Here for My Recent Portfolio

On the blog here, you’ll find some of my personal works of poetry along with a few clips of previous work. I have predominately moved to putting poetry on the instagram feed to your right (follow me), and publishing content elsewhere.

Email me at aubrey@herbanflow.com if you’d like more examples.

With love,

Ps. Don’t forget to thank the Earth today


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