Hi there!

I’m aubrey.

I create marketing strategies around content for eCommerce companies that do cool things to help people.

Herban Flow is my database for services, clients, and articles.

My story isn’t unique. Here it is in 3 sentences:

I grew up in a small town outside of Flint, MI (yes with the water) and went to a good university where I studied for two simultaneous degrees (criminal justice and interdisc. social science).

I moved to California to find myself but mostly learned that wherever I go there I am.

I went back to school to be certified as an herbalist, learned I love marketing, and then decided to move to Europe.

To the outside, my life seems random.

But what it really is, is one, long optimization test.

Throughout all of the movement a few things stay constant:

1/ I will never stop questioning.
2/ I am not subtle about my opinion.
3/ I do not fear change.
4/ I love to work with people.

And these make me awesome at what I do.

Which, by the way, you can learn more about by clicking here.


Ps. Don’t forget to thank the Earth today