Lavender Monograph

Lavender – Lavandula officinalis – Sun/Mercury/Jupiter

Family: Lamiaceae


  • tender, perennial shrub
  • 1-4ft tall
  • opposite, narrow leaves that are grayish/silver
  • purple flowers, pollinators love it’s sweet fragrance

Habitat/ToGrow: Native to Europe and the mediterranean. Needs full sun and well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once new growth appears in the spring. Prune back to 1st growth after the flowering happens. Use cuttings to sow, cut tips from vigorous growth in the 1st season.

Gather buds on a sunny, dry morning just as the flowers are about 50% open. Dry 5-14 days, garble after drying

Energetics: cool; dry – yang – air

Actions: carminative, nervine, antidepressant, astringent, antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic, antispasmodic, tonic, emmenagogue, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory.

Constituents: volatile oil (linalyl acetate, linlol, lavandulyl acetate, borneol, limonene, caryophyllene); coumarins (umbell, ferone, hemiarin, coumarin); misc: triterpenes (eg, ursolic acid), flavonoids (eg, luteolin)

Prep: infusion is most common – 10-30 drops qid – can use eo neat

Medicinal Uses: flowers

  • Ayurvedic Doshic Tendancies: pitta/kapha
  • emotional upst
  • nervous depression
  • tension headaches
  • sleep difficulties
  • nightmares
  • (Topically): burns/stings (including insects)
  • nervous asthma
  • asthenic bronchitis in kids
  • internal: nervous stomach ache
  • indigestions
  • acidic vomit
  • bowel atony with pain
  • flatulence with pain
  • sour breath
  • nausea
  • amenorrhea
  • muscle ache
  • Used in WWII to dress wounds and get rid of parasites
  • clears heat
  • general pain
  • foot baths <3
  • mouthwash
  • infections: healing and prevention
  • cellulite (oil) – potentially add to cellulite rub re: horsechesnut
  • scarring
  • hysteria
  • placenta delivery
  • douche: leukorrhea
  • eye sight 
  • Essential oil for post traumatic stress – it helps the brain sort the memory from the moment


  • flowers in cookies, candied, or crystalized
  • Alcohol extract with or in place of vanilla extract


  • Strewing herb and to repel moths and bugs in the middle renaissance. Virgin Mary
  • wear a bottle around the neck for feeling faint
  • sprinkled on the head keeps on chaste
  • wear it to the birthing room, it helps the energy
  • aids newborn in shedding mucous
  • use as an incense and hair rinse
  • evil eye dispeller – especially for children
  • Witches and sorcerers dedicated lavender to Hecate

Flower Essence

  • to balance emotions, relieve anxiety, depression and stress and for conflict
  • good for people who use it a lot and are used to the effects – can re energize the herb
  • activates the crown chakra, stimulates awareness and alertness and come into his/herself.


  • EO: Nervous/excited animals – depressed/aggressive > aromatherapy
  • EO Vapor: for respiratory passages
  • in apricot or almond oil for stiffness/pain, stings/insect bites
  • tea of fresh flowers, leaves, stems, for the itching
  • Tick repellent: 300ml EVOO, 300 ml of terebinth oil, 100ml SJW oil, 100 ml of EO lavender


  • pregnancy
  • EO internally – very low dose
  • EO around cats

Personal Use:

Oh my goddess lavender is one of my best friends! I have grown her for years and she’s pretty happy being left alone most of the time and she loves it when you cut back her flowers – she’s drought tolerant but the drought in California 2013-2015 has been pretty hard on this little friend.

Lavender in tea is phenomenal for a relaxing evening right along with the lavender foot soak. Make a tincture to help sleep and to use with vanilla extract in cookies (yum!). Add her to 1:1 vinegar water solvent for an anti-inflammatory, cleansing and oil balancing toner.









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