Done-For-You Portfolio

*I am working with very few done-for-you clients right now, as I transition most of my attention to a new project; Dandelion Branding.


Since July 2018, I have also been working with ThePureWay to write their weekly emails (sign up here), help define their marketing strategy, and make sure they have a weekly blog post.


Ylonn is a Dutch client so the work for them is all in the backend—no, I don’t write content in Dutch. They use Klaviyo for their Email Service Provider, so I create and run their campaigns along with auditing the segments, automations, analysis, and testing in their Email sphere. I also manage the calendar to set the pace and timing for their marketing initiatives.


Between May 2018 and December 2018, Sanandi was been the main focus of my time, I functioned as a director and their sole marketer.

I wrote their weekly email and blog post, put into action organic marketing strategy on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter along with assets, copy and strategy for paid social ads for Facebook and Instagram.

Created Google ads, redesigned the website aesthetic (including rewriting copy) and created all aspects of SEO pillar pages.

I put forth and organized the webinar initiative—including the organization, marketing efforts and automated emails—and was working on the affiliate program to grow our community.

Daily tasks are organized on an extensive marketing calendar (I won’t link to that if you don’t mind) and by using Trello to traffic and organize images.

Here are a few notable accomplishments:

I wrote this Ebook about sleep to use as a free giveaway to collect email addresses—along with creating this page, the triggered automated emails, and the
Click here for the EBook

This article is #1 in Google for the search term: “Healing mucous membranes”
What are Mucous Membranes? (Plus 7 Herbs to Heal them)

I created the outline and structure wholesale document for their products. You’ll see also included here is a link to a spreadsheet of all the ingredients in their products.
Click here for the copy and organization for the wholesale document 

I created the practitioner document for the company to share with naturopaths and herbalist that use the products for their clients.
Click here to view the practitioner doc


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