Are you a small, sustainable business looking for copywriting, SEO, and email? Let’s talk.

Build Your Business

Building a Business IS Building a Brand—especially for us sustainable, deep thinking, health-loving types.

If you’re interested in building your brand, check out my company: Dandelion Branding

At Dandelion Branding, we are focused on building Marketing Strategies that Increase Sales through Customer Connection.

There, you can have a comprehensive website audit that will get your site ready for ads (highly recommended for new/low converting stores)

You’ll also have access to us if you’re looking to grow your business (cultivated coaching) or you’re looking for a course to learn how to start one (Brand Building eCourse).

There are two of us – my focus is voice (hey, it’s my expertise!) and my business partner is focused on vision. The magic that happens between those two things is what sells products to people.


If you’re looking for someone to get in on a project or work along side your team, send an email to me: or click here to book a call.
*FYI – I’m an American in Europe so I do stuff in English before the US hours. 

Here’s what I do:

Content Writing—

Health and Wellness Blog Articles 
Copy writing—PDPs, emails

* These are always SEO Focused and FDA Compliant

Email Marketing—

Regular campaign writing/scheduling
Automation creation
Weekly Reporting

Comprehensive Marketing Consultation—

Email and Content Marketing Strategy
Content Calendar Management

Protip: If you’re looking for strategy, go through Dandelion Branding. The combined force is absolutely unbeatable when it comes to your brand and connecting to your ideal customer.

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