sharp things


Wild things grow in dappled light.
Tough things.
What do you see when your focus is sharp and you decide to let go of preconceived beauty?
Is it spiked?
Maybe its an off shade of your idea of the perfect green or old tendrils of silk waving in the breeze.
Take seconds to capture the moment when a yellowed leaf touches the ground at your feet, remember the sound it made; note that even in death the leaf has a first–it had never touched the Earth before that moment.
Maybe you don’t get the shot you sought, look at what you did.
A still from your golden eye and thusly uniquely yours to burn or share or have.
The tough things in dappled light care not for your perception of perfect, they grow their own.
No one tells them what shade to be or how to stand out amongst the weeds.
To truly see a strong friend prosper in difficult conditions changes, adds to, our perception of beauty.


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